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Well gentlemen you were wondering what a creative agency looks like? There you have it. Hope you enjoyed looking in the window.


Honestly Henry, I don't know how you can stand living in that man's dirt.

Henry's Mom

You know something. We are all here becuase of you. All we want to do is please you.


Henry: Don, it's temporary.
Don: Believe me Henry, everybody thinks this is temporary.

Don: What am I supposed to say anyway? My work speaks for me.
Bert: Turning creative success into business is your work. And you failed.

This was supposed to be an advertisement for the firm.


So how are your balls? You enjoying yourself?

Don's Lawyer

Pete: We're the scrappy upstart.
Don: You don't say that to the clients do you?

I love how they sit there like a couple of choir boys. You know one of them's leaving New York with VD.

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