It's incredible. But he's sour. Maybe he doesn't like the sun. Last week, middle of January, Sunkist sent us out to the groves and I picked an orange right off the tree. It's 75, there's snow on the mountains. Ted sat in the car with the door open writing on a pad.


Don: Are you sure you don't want to move into a more populated area? It's like Dracula's castle up here.
Megan: They're far away Don. It's just what happens to the sound in the canyon.

I feel like I just ate a bag of butterflies!


Jim: Well, hello there. Why aren't you brown?
Ted: It's January in LA, too.
Jim: That's no excuse.

Peggy: "It's time for a conversation." I think that one's more finished.
Lou: And I think you're putting me in a position to say, "I don't care what you think."

Ken: How many accounts do I have?
Joan: Well, it's all of them.
Ken: It feels like more.

You really put the free in freelancer, don't you?


I used to feel pity for them, but now I realize we're all in the same boat.


Don: Where are you going?
Stan: I'm gonna have that sandwich on my desk. I need to get to it before you do.

Don: You have to make arrangements to be out of classes December 1st.
Sally: My calendar's full.

You know what they say about Detroit; it's all fun and games until they shoot you in the face.


Harry: I've got good news.
Don: You finally found a hooker who will take traveler's checks?

Mad Men Quotes

It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Betty: I'm sure your father's given you a beer.
Sally: My father's never given me anything.