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Michael: I feel bad for you.
Don: I don't think about you at all.

You know what Howard? Why don't you spend Thanksgiving with her? And I'll go to your house and screw your wife.


Stop telling me things I said that night. Like I know I didn't promise to re-marry right away just to save you alimony.


You know Don; tall guy, short temper.


Megan: Don, I love you. You're everything I hoped you'd be.
Don: You too.

I think she's good at everything. I think she's just one of those girls.


Pete: Why do they get to decide what's going to happen?
Harry: They just do.

Reality got her. You work your ass off for months; bite your nails, for what? Heinz, baked, beans.


I'll tell you what takes guts, never having money for lunch. She's owes me like $15 at this point. What am I gonna do, ask Don? Call her? I think it's clear why she left.

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