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No! Don't shoot. I'm rich!


Holy crap! What's Dick Tracy doing in the kitchen?!


Tracy has been working for Marcella's relatives all along. He poisoned that little dog on purpose!


Sharon: Marcella Brewster is legally dead and I have every right to examine her head.
Taylor: But Eternal Meadows says that now that Marcella has been thawed out she can never be frozen again.
Provenza: It's the same with chicken or fish.

Good Lord. Two grown men going to retrieve a frozen head.


Baird: If you people could just think it through...
Sharon: Eternal Meadows freezes people's heads!
Baird: Oh I don't know, do they?

Tao: Towards the end, did you notice an abrupt decline?
Dr. Cabrera: As declines go, death is fairly extreme.

Hold on. Arsenic? Where's the old lace? Who uses arsenic in this day in age?


When Captain Baird gives an order, we follow it, even if we can't quite remember who he is.

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