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How do you guys think this happened? Did this woman just climb into my box and die because she wanted to be near my clothes?


I made the board! Whoa!


Michael, my dear dear friend, your television show is sliding further and further off the bubble as we speak.


Huh. These big boxes hold a lot more than you think.


Would I have to go by Rusty Raydor? Because that is a terrible name. It sounds like a cartoon character or something.


Provenza: Oh! I think she's going for the money!
Flynn: Money? I don't even have any money!
Provenza: I'm talking about Bug, you idiot.

The era during which it was professionally useful to me to have a wedding on my finger is long gone.


Morales: She's 15 tops, still a kid.
Provenza: Without a name.
Sharon: She has a name. We just don't know what it is.

A library card is a preferred form of ID from illegal immigrants.

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