He's told so many lies about me I still wake up mad as hell.


Alfredo. You do not tell the LAPD to hurry up.


Guy: Welcome to the world-famous Greek Theatre.
Provenza: Well, I'm Lieutenant Provenza of the world-famous LAPD. I'm here to see the victim.

Gus: I'm gonna hold you to those words.
Rusty: I want you to hold me.

Rusty: If anything ever happens to me... damn it.
Gus: What?
Rusty: I love you.

Yes,this was a horrible mistake and I am devastated and so sorry.


Rusty: How do you know when to give someone another chance?
Flynn: There is no formula. But sometimes not giving someone another chance hurts you more than it hurts them.

Rusty: Hey, Lieutenant. How's the murder investigation going?
Flynn: Oh, just fine. We have lots and lots of suspects but no motive.

Chris Walker was supposed to be clean and your prescription sent him straight to the morgue!


Tina: You think someone's gonna mistake you for an actress?
Sykes: They did with you, so why not?

Does Dr. Deb have a last name?


Actually, Gary's parents invited my mom to move in with them so that they could all raise the baby together.