Without a court order you're not taking this body anywhere.

Perhaps your mother has reasons for keeping this baby that have nothing to do with you.


Radio discipline from now on. We do not want the media listening in and learning about this body.


This is our needle and this is our haystack.


You're fishing in the ocean, guys.


Rusty: My mom shouldn't have this baby.
Sharon: That is not your choice to make, young man.

Sharon: Well, your mother came to visit me yesterday.
Rusty: Oh no.

Could you panic a little more quietly? Because we need to hear this.


Rusty: Mom said you can take your time.
Buzz: I've taken 30 years. Another day won't hurt me.

Buzz: Anyone want to watch any more video of this asshole?
Provenza: Not while I'm eating this fabulous lunch.

He always has questions. Let's hope they're easier than usual.

Sharon B

Hey. Um, I'm sorry to interrupt you at work. I had something to tell you and it affects our son.

Sharon B

Major Crimes Quotes

Waddya know. A hanging Chad.


Provenza: Oh this is a crappy way to make a living. Working with the worst the world has to offer without being in charge.
Flynn: You weren't in charge for eight years.
Provenza: Yeah, but now I'm mad about it.