Next time, kick the killer to the curb in your own city.


The guy was a psychiatrist. Maybe one of his patients had a screw loose. Therapy can't fix everything.


What kind of hit man writes a to-do list to himself?


One wrong turn, one car ride with the wrong guy and I wouldn't be here. It seems so random.


Sykes: $35 entrees.
Provenza: What for? Are the waitresses naked?

No, he said he would prefer it. And I would prefer to get Julio moving and to have Andy move with him.


You're doing a story on Alice Herrara? For what? Show and tell or kindergarten?


You drop an egg. Sometimes it breaks, sometimes it doesn't.


Rusty: How do I start a conversation with a guy the day after his mother was murdered?
Provenza: If I were you, I'd try lying. But then again, I'm a cop.

You have done all you can to protect her. And I think she is too dangerous to be free. I'm sorry.


I want to be focused on catching the bad guy, not worrying that the cop next to me is about to explode.


Should I just shut up?