Mitzi: Hey! You can't cut me off from the world like that!
Julio: The world wants a break.

I'm trying to figure out if Slider was always this way. Was there was a point where he switched from street kid to killer?


Bobby. Still in the dirt bag business?


That is an interesting reaction from someone we told to stay here.


You're sorry? You're standing here asking me questions, making me think my wife is in another room...


You don't ask the LAPD to wait, sir. You wait for us.


Kid: Do you mind staying back here?
Sharon: Yes we do mind.

Provenza: Flynn, you'd better be dying.
Flynn: I'm watching you on the news. You know you look better from behind than you do from the front.

Is it that you don't want to read it or you don't know how?


We have arrested enough of the wrong people for this homicide.


Chief Taylor: What? The baby did it?
Provenza: Well, it's new. It's never the baby.

Lie to me again and I will arrest you for murder.


Major Crimes Quotes

I think Mrs. Palmer is in shock. She has already signed the consent form giving us permission to search the house so I'm giving her a moment.


Waddya know. A hanging Chad.