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Rios: Wow. Wow. Does he always get that hostile?
Provenza: Actually, Emma, I think what he was trying to say, in his own way, was don't be so damned rude.

Rios: Oh God. Don't ya just love gang cases.
Sanchez: I don't think this is gangs.
Rios: Why? The vehicle was found in gang territory with a gang weapon in the back seat....
Sanchez: A gang wouldn't leave the car on the street like that...
Rios: I'm not finished! Speedy and his Third Streeters, they think it was gangs. It was a drive by. Plus I...
Sanchez: Plus you need to watch your mouth.
Rios: Excuse me?
Sanchez: Did you sleep on the floor every night so you wouldn't get gunfire? Anyone in your family shot dead on the street? You spend your career hunting these guys? It's not gangs! And you stop talking to me like I'm your waiter.

Maybe it wasn't him. Maybe it was a family member who did this.


Jack: So it's a hate crime.
Sharon: Every murder is a hate crime.

If you completely changed, why are you back in another police station, being arrested for first degree murder?


Jack: I told you, you have a tell.
Rusty: Well, these glasses that you gave me were supposed to hide that tell.

Not a great husband, I guess. But, a lot of natural charm!


Sharon: Jack what are you doing here at 3AM without calling me?
Jack: Who the hell calls at 3AM?

Provenza, for you. I can't believe he's still around!

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