Ballistics expert: We have a match. This is the gun that killed your victim.
Tao: Now all we need to do is find out who it belongs to.

After our first trip, we knew that Venice was a tourist trap, but we went anyway.


Tao, get your award and come with me.


Do you really think a homeless child would be better off living on the street than with Julio?


CPS: I have worries about your judgment.
Julio: There were people around me. Civilians. The hostage. You can come back every day from here until I retire and I will still say I made the right choice.

Sorry if this necessary inquiry is making you uncomfortable.


It used to be when someone was dead on a barbecue, they were dead on a barbecue, not updating the Facebook from beyond.


CPS: Lieutenant Provenza, I've been wanting to have a chat with you and I get the sense you're avoiding me.
Provenza: You can't take a hint.

CPS: Would you have taken the risk Sanchez did?
Tao: No.

I don't think in that specific situation there is one right choice.


You don't just go to therapy, find the problem and fix it forever. Look at me. I don't drink anymore, but I'm still an alcoholic. You can't change who you are, but you can change where you're going.


Don't you just love it when we have to figure out who the victim is before we can begin to figure out who the killer is?