Margaret: What am I doing?
Barton: Yes.
Margaret: I'm living in the truth. At least I'm trying to, which is far more than I can say for you.

Well, why don't you tell your friends that your daughter has co-authored a seminal work on human sexuality, and she's supporting herself, handsomely, from the proceeds.


Joy is the woman that you married all these years ago, and you have to remember and honor who she is still, and treat her with the same dignity and respect that you always did.


It haunts me, carrying around a secret that doesn't belong to me and isn't mine to tell.


You have been audacious, tireless, dedicated, and brilliant, and it's only fitting that you should have a token of, well of my appreciation of you.


Betty, is the exam room ready for Mr. Logan and his backup singers?


I'm not very interested in nice. I'm interested in a fragrance that says I want you. Go to bed with me. You can't live without me.


Come where you're wanted, Barton. Where you're respected.


The second you walk in the school, everyone is going to say, "Look, there goes the sex mom."


Not one of those dreams has come true, and I don't see that changing, which means the rest of my life is this straight, flat highway right into the sunset.


We killed Freud.


What if that is just the simple truth of it? That I am a woman incapable of putting her kids before her work.


Masters of Sex Quotes

When we talk about sex, we do not talk about love, Dr. Farber, because love cannot be rendered into columns and graphs as if it were the same as blood pressure or heart rate. Love is not a force exerted by one body onto another. It is the very fabric of those bodies. Love is that which carves the lines and grooves; the curvature of our desire.


I think women often confuse love with physical attraction.