You wanna keep the title George? You got it. All I want is the job.

Ethan [to George]

What you've got Lillian is a bad case of penis envy.


Can't seem to get away from vibrators now, can I?


Twenty three times. They must've fallen in love. Did they fall in love?


Libby: When do you stop feeling like you've got something to prove?
Bill: There's always something to prove.

Gravity pulls them towards earth but the earth keeps curving away underneath them. They’re not actually floating. What they’re really doing is falling.


You did always say we couldn’t let emotions cloud our judgment, but you did. Which means it was never really about the research, no we were having an affair.


At the end of the day, if you’re facing global annihilation, you can only be accountable for yourself.


Jane: You know the film you’re shooting won’t survive a nuclear attack. Nothing will. Just cockroaches.
Lester: And Godzilla.

Your patients adore you. They get pregnant just so they can hang around your office!

Virginia [to Ethan]

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were outreach clinics. We’ll get it funded, eventually.


Ethan: We’re never going to be friends, but I respect you as a doctor. And I think you respect me too. And if you wanna know the truth…
William: I don’t…respect you, not in the least.

Masters of Sex Quotes

I think that a heart can only be broken so many times, and then it's done, and I think that I'm done. I'm okay with that. I am. As long as my home and my family stay intact. I need that for my children's sake.


I think women often confuse love with physical attraction.