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Virginia: What a heartbreaker you are Dr. Haas.
Ethan: Don't you have that backwards?

In 4 months, we're going to have another visitor who needs everything done for him. Maybe we should look at this time with your mother as a dress rehearsal.


I am not paying you to babysit your own kids George Johnson!


I don't believe in shadows. I believe in the light of scientific inquiry.

The world isn't kind to mavericks Bill, you want to lead an unconventional life, you gotta learn to hide in plain sight.

Barton Scully

I think it's inspiring, actually. A woman making a life for herself on her own steam.


You can't deduce a model of normal physiology with outliers and misfits.

I'm used to sharing Bill.


I'm not on the menu.


You humans have taken the basic impulse for sex and turned it into some unrecognizable ordeal. Romance, chivalry, codes of etiquette.

This is either the smartest or stupidest thing I've ever done.


I'm asking if you like to watch, because if you do, you can watch me.

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Masters of Sex Quotes

Bill: Make sure he knows this evening's area of focus please. We'll be looking at men with enlarged prostates, primarily elderly men. Engaged in auto-manipulation.
Barbara: Auto, I'm sorry?
Bill: Old men masturbating!

I think women often confuse love with physical attraction.

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