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We're lone wolves, driven from the pact by our refusal to conform.

Dr. Langham [to Virginia]

William: Well then their faces when I explained the nuts and bolts, the wife looked like she’d seen the second coming.
Virginia: Wait till she sees her husband coming.

I think that Freud’s theories have their limits.


I really missed being a pioneer on the frontlines of science.


William: A quarter of women who walk through my door tell me they’re frigid.
Virginia: Maybe that’s because their husbands can’t get the job done!

It’s probably not in your pants Austin, it’s in your head.


Climax together, that’s as rare as Haley’s Comet.


If you want a family, forget the good book, follow my ten commands.


He has a cigar. He obviously knew what he was talking about.

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