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And now my conscience is clear...I doubt you can say the same.


This is the problem with women. They're too hung up on sex.


I was basically accused of boiling a bunny and murdering Tom.


As much as I am rooting for you kiddo, I can't betray the sisterhood. There are codes.


Joss: Yeah, actually it is my business because right now I'm the one trying to save this marriage. So if you don't want that you need to let me know.
Harry: There's nothing to save, Joss. Not anymore.

Is your body you feel it needs like a sausage or a hot dog or something?


April: So I have eight years until I have to make this decision.
Joss: And who knows, by then he might be dead again anyway.

April: So it's OK to play god with my daughter's life?
Karen: A parent's job until they're 18.

Karen: Feeling hot?
Joss: And bothered.

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