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Now I understand why you've always been so freakin' tough on me, because that's what mothers do.


No, you have never judged me Mom because that actually would have required some attention.


Of course she has a life. You've been dead for three years.


Joss: Wow, Savi I really don't understand you.
Savi: Yeah, this just in.

I'm not standing up at another one of her weddings.


So you're a homeless lesbian with a crappy job and a withholding older sister. Fill me in over lunch.

Janet (to Joss)

April: Even Angela Lansbury had a helper. Remember that little old guy? He was cute.
Karen: You want to be my little old guy?

I'm like a dog who knows when a earthquake's coming.


And if we want to look at the silver lining here, he was going to die soon anyway. So as far as murders go it's like not the worst kind of murder.

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