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Either I'm dealing with a sleazy con artist looking to make a buck off the worst thing that's ever happened to me or she's a tramp stamp slut whose ruined my life forever.


Joss: Is that your job, to make Sally feel better?
Alex: Well she is my girlfriend.
Joss: She's a grown up. She controls her own happiness, doesn't she?

What is up with the house of sadness?


If you don't know for certain why this happened, how do you know it won't happen again?


I cheated on Harry last night. You can be horrified. I'm horrified.


Apparently it's hard to tell someone over the phone that your entire marriage was a sham. So she decided to do it in person which would have been a classy move if she wasn't such a gigantic whore.


April: Paul had a baby with another woman.
Savi: My thing can wait.

Savi: That is not his face.
Joss: But it is his best feature.

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