Calista: Hm, I've always wanted a sister. Must be hard to lose one.
Joss: Thank you for saying that. And only that.

Karen: Do I fall out? Of the group?
April: What are you talking about?
Karen: Without Savi, do I fall out? I'm afraid with her gone, our friendship will fade.

You know what, you're not fooling anyone with your spray tan and your range rover, by the way. You may look happy, but you're dead inside. Dead inside!

Joss [to Calista]

Listen to me. I love you. I have loved you for so long. I don't even know when it started, but I know that it's real. And I know that I want to be with you, but not right now. Not like this. Okay?

Joss [to Harry]

Why would I talk about anything to you? You lie.

Lucy [to April]

April: The truth shall set you free.
Joss: Says who?
April: You know, God.

Look, she doesn't owe me anything. Maybe she'll call when she figures out what it is she actually wants. Hopefully by then, I won't care so damn much.


You can keep that two timing bitch. You two deserve each other.

Scott [to Harry]

Savi know. Does Scott?

Harry [to Joss]

oss: Did you just dangle Grandma June's mortality in my face?
Scott: Yeah.
Joss: You bastard.

Karen: Did you tell Savi he kissed you?
Joss: Are you freaking high? Of course not.

Are you just never allowed to talk about another person with a penis when you get married?


Mistresses Quotes

Customer: Is this the sexy sheet section?
April: This is the satin section. What's sexy to one person is a slippery elbow in the face to someone else.

Savi: Where's your wedding ring?
Harry: It's in my pocket.
Savi: Put it on.