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April: So I have eight years until I have to make this decision.
Joss: And who knows, by then he might be dead again anyway.

April: So it's OK to play god with my daughter's life?
Karen: A parent's job until they're 18.

Karen: Feeling hot?
Joss: And bothered.

You know New Yorkers. They're picking and opinionated. They refuse to like anything but I'll get them.


Doom and gloom is your thing, mate and we always end up in the clear. Now relax and have a beer.


Savi: None of this is happening the way I pictured it.
Dom: So, just because it's not how you imagined it doesn't mean it can't work.

Life's a negotiation and I'm a damn good lawyer.


You can't lose what you don't have. Go back to your family in Florida because you've got no family here.


Everything is broken and I don't know how to fix it.


Clearly you don't know how loudly you snore. That drip drip drip is like a lullaby.


Now I understand why you've always been so freakin' tough on me, because that's what mothers do.


No, you have never judged me Mom because that actually would have required some attention.

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Mistresses Quotes

I am finally the independent woman that Destiny's Child wanted me to be.


Stop right there before i Jezebel your ass. You my friend are a grown woman and if the Universe is going to punish you then the Universe is a sexist pig.

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