Modern Family

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Modern family
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The truth is, Luke, I am rich, but not with money. I got my abs. I got my hair.


Mitchell: I guess you don't respect party themes.
Cam: You did NOT just say that.

I've got Gloria! I've got Gloria!


Robbie could charm your socks off, but I doubt he stopped there.


Now we know. You are romantic, and I'm smarter than you. And I bought you a motorcycle.


I don't like to talk about money. But I have exactly ten million dollars.


Am I a bad enough parent to ignore that?


I haven't been single since I was nine.


I am the second wife Jay, why do you treat me like I'm the first?


Five course dinner waiting for us at home and she's strapping on the feedbag at Ibiza.


I've usually good at catching things from women in bars.


You look hot enough to cook a pizza on... in.

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Modern Family Season 2 Quotes

Alex: Dad, we haven't had lunch yet.
Phil: Neither have half the kids in Africa. Stop yappin' and get back to work.

You can't have two fun parents... You know that kid Liam who wears pajama pants to school and pays for things with a hundred-dollar bill? Two fun parents.

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