Necessary Roughness

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Necessary roughness
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So the international man of mystery returns and you whack him. That is so 50 Shades. Did he take you into his arms and throw you up against the wall?


Connor: Don't tell me you're a cynic.
Dani: I'm just from New York. Goes with the territory.

You don't say goodbye to me. You don't answer my calls. You don't answer my texts. You just vanish down some Nico rabbit hole and then you pop up like some freaking jack in the box.


If I need to deal with coach crazy, I need to see Dr. D.


Are you going to be the kid who keeps getting kicked out of class or are you going to get with the program?


Velcro is for people under 8 and over 80, not for pro-athletes.


The savior has arrived.

Connor McClane

Good thing our vacation plans coincided with your nervous breakdown.


The therapist / client privilege is not an option like coleslaw or potato salad. It is an iron clad rule.


The only constant in football Dani, is change.


Sometimes doing the right thing ain't always the easy thing.


Part of the reason I've been such a douchebag is because I've been living this terrible lie.

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Necessary Roughness Quotes

When you are making a living as a hooker, then you can dig this out of storage.


No matter who you are, no matter how much protective gear you wear, at some point you're gonna get the living crap kicked out of you.