Necessary Roughness

Wednesdays 10:00 PM on USA
Necessary roughness
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Sometimes doing the right thing ain't always the easy thing.


Part of the reason I've been such a douchebag is because I've been living this terrible lie.


I just hope you don't think that this is like a date, date.


We prepare for the worst and then hope to be pleasantly surprised.


Caffeine. You are my savior.


You were right. I totally sandbagged you and that was unfair.


Like a science experiment it's suppose to go boom. Instead you just fizzle out.


I'm sorry if this is bad timing for the team, but this is happening, The only question is how are you going to handle it.


I am not some God damned yoyo that you can just toy with.


Dani: How do you know when that ship has sailed?
Nico: When it's so far out to sea that you'd drown trying to catch up to it.

I don't want to be Jackie Robinson, I just want to play ball.


TK: You come to ballet often?
Joe: How do you think I get these sexy damn legs.

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