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I'm just trying to figure out the level of Elvis impersonator we can afford. I think a white one is out of reach.


Jess: I didn't really know your dad, except for that one hour when I committed fraud with him.
Nick: That's all there is to know.

Jess: This is where Nick Miller grew up.
Nick: Except for the fall of '88 and the spring of '89--that was our "van year."

Winston: I'm gonna be strong for you, man. You know, I really did love Walt.
Nick: He was my dad, Winston.
Winston: Yeah, but he loved me more than he loved you. He told me that.
Nick: Yeah, he told me that too, actually.

I miss him, Nicky. That bastard was a saint.

Nick's Mom

My face touched the mustache of a corpse today, Bobby. I'm not afraid of you.


Maybe none of us should go to this funeral. The early buzz on this thing is it's gonna be a real drag.


Don't laugh when they call him "responsible," they don't know why it's hilarious.


Schmidt, I have to breathe because I am coaching you and also for regular life reasons.

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