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Look. Division is as good or as bad as the people running it. We can do it right this time.


Maybe this new one can be something better.


Yes, Alex, the lesson is that every operative is disposable.


Your mother was a good woman. She didn't deserve to die.


No, not the end. This is how it begins.

I don't think I'll ever get the sound of his screams out of my head.

What is this guy? A Bond villain?

You wanna move on, I understand. But I will never move on from you.

Nikita: Oh. Sean, Owen. Owen, Sean.
Sean: Yeah, from what I heard, I thought you'd be bigger.
Owen: Really? I didn't know what you'd look like, because, well, nobody ever talks about you.

If he doesn't get off my case, I'm gonna take his other hand.


Things have changed. But it why I need to make sure Owen is ready for this job. Owen is your partner now.


Owen: Anything else?
Michael: Yeah, your diction could use work.

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Nikita Quotes

It's been a long time Uncle Sergei.


You, here. What are the odds?

Percy [to Nikita]

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