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Scan's all clear. No hidden bombs or gas pouches. I guess Amanda knew better than to turn you into a party pinata.


This is the life we've chosen.


Ryan: Activating that kill chip is the only smart course of action.
Nikita: I can't do that. We don't make that choice. We aren't that kind of Division.

Nikita: Ari is the priority.
Alex: Because you say it is?

Maybe I've underestimated what I've given up.


Amanda: It's good to see you, Ari
Ari: I can't say the same.

If you die, Amanda wins and to quote your eloquence, "Screw Amanda."


Amanda was right. Compassion will be your downfall.

Ari [to Nikita]

It doesn't look like I'm leaving Geneva empty-handed after all.

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