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It's destiny. Our destiny.


She's strutting around the place like she won 'Top Model.'


Michael: I forgot how good you are when you're angry.
Nikita: I forgot how easy you are to beat.

Yes, I'd like to report the brutal and senseless murder of a Neward Police Detective.


Sean: No, if you reveal your part in this to the President, you'll go to prison.
Madeline Pierce: No, I would receive immunity for my silence.

Senator Pierce: You were a soldier.
Nikita: I was a killer.

Senator Pierce: It's just me.
Amanda: That's unfortunate.

Alex: Birkhoff, you there?
Birkhoff: Holy crap. You're alive. I thought the Terminator got you.
Alex: Still after me.

Kill them all but Madeline.

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