Chris: So you didn't tell anyone any secrets today.
Daphne: My secret is....I like you.
Chris: That's a good secret.

You got what you wanted. Send us a postcard from Morocco.

George [to gunman]

Chris [to Daphne]: Do you believe every rumor you hear?
JJ: Depends on how she hears it.

I need some assistant. Look man I had a Venti latte before you guys went all Black Hawk Down in here and I think the milk was off. I got a nervous stomach with all of the guns being pointed at me. I've gotta go, and I've gotta go bad. As your attorney, I'd advise you to let a man do his business.


Bruce Willis never would have gotten out of there if it hadn't been for that black dude. Let me be your black dude.


Katie: Victoria is the VP of Human Resources here.
Joshua: Human resources, that's interesting.

Stephanie: When's the last time we actually had dinner together?
J.J: 4PM Pacific Time New Years Eve.

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