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It's not like it used to be. Everything I loved about being a nurse is gone.


Jackie: Nobody wins here Kevin. You think we can stop this now?
Kevin: You know what babe? Even when you're telling the truth it sounds like a lie.

O'Hara: He's not the father.
Nurse: You already told me.

Just keep goin'. Sometimes you don't get to keep everything you started out with.

When I was diagnosed with Type 1, I was all cry-abetes. Knowing famous people had it too made me feel better.


Did you sound even more Britishy just then?


What kind of fu-king character witness am i really? Fu-k a guys wife then pretend to be friends with him?


You go to Paris, I'll go to Zales.


Ease up on the buddy buddy. You and your pathological need to be liked are gonna get us sued. Shut it down! Sew him up and cut him loose.

Mike Cruz
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