Belle: I told you I'd see you again.
Mr. Gold: That's the last time I don't listen to you.

For the sake of the boy, I'll let his parents have a fair shot without a devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way.


I fell in love with you on a troll bridge after you robbed me and hit me over the head with a rock. I knew what I was getting myself into.


All I have is Henry and I am not about to lose him because he is everything.


You left me and let me go to prison because Pinocchio told you to?


All power comes with a price.


No matter what you do. I will always find you.

Prince Charming

I'd risk my life for two things. Love and revenge.


You officially have a less damaging relationship with my mother than I do, and you killed her.


I don't know how to love very well.


Emma: What is he going to do? I have magic he has one hand.
David: At the very least he can draw fire.
Hook: What, now I'm canon fodder?

You're just like your mother. Never thinking of consequences.


Once Upon a Time Quotes

Someone once told me to act like what you plan to be so I try to act a little better than I am.


With Henry's life on the line I need to be around people I trust and right now that's not you.