Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time

When we're finished you won't just feel like an orphan. You'll be one.

Peter Pan

Excellent show of patience love. And that's what defeats a nasty little boy.


Emma: Is rum your solution to everything?
Hook: It certainly doesn't hurt.

It's the truth. You were an orphan. It's my job to change that.


Just a lost little girl who didn't matter and didn't think she ever would.


This is my kingdom and I will fight for it.


Careful. He may look like a boy but he's a bloody demon.


Charming: You're Snow White?
Snow: Yes, and the truth is I don't even know who that is.

If he's playing a game, you can win.


Charming: Sadly I agree with the pirate.
Hook: I'm winning you over. I can feel it.

You may have been a princess but you will never be a queen.

The Evil Queen

You need to be alive. You need to be awake so you can spend all your days knowing that I have taken everything that was suppose to be yours.

The Evil Queen
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