I just imagined a bigger roof, with turrets.

Mary Margaret

You should have stayed with your books. Real life can get so messy.


Voicemail: You've reached the office of Archibald Hopper. I'm either with a patient...
Henry: Or dead.

He took my wife. He took Bae's mother. I took his hand.


Last time I faced a beast it didn't end well.


Mary Margaret: The trip home was tiring and I needed rest.
David: And I needed to help her rest.

It may take some work, but this cricket will chirp.


Cora: My daughter's lost everything now.
Hook: Well aren't you Mom of the year.

She changed before. Why can't she change back?


If I was going to kill Archie, you'd never know it.


How could I blame the one I love most? The only one to stand by me, to the end.


Go take yourself for a walk.

Regina (to Red)

Once Upon a Time Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

The name's Grumpy not Stupid.