[to Peyton] The last time I was trapped in the school was the shooting. You know why Lindsay and I got so close? She was editing Lucas' book, and I still wasn't sure about her, 'cause I was rooting for Lucas to be with my friend Peyton, or maybe even Brooke. Anyway, she was working on the chapter about the shooting, and she said to me "I want this to be Lucas's best writing. The best he has in him, because Peyton deserves it. Jimmy and Keith deserve it, and that day deserves it." We've been friends ever since.


Haley: Peyton you don't know what you're talking about!
Peyton: It's fine Haley, daddy's gonna make everything better for the little rich girl who got everything she ever wanted!
Lindsey: He's dead, alright Peyton? He's dead. He died two years ago from cancer but not until he couldn't walk or talk or even recognize me, does that make you happy? Does that make you feel better? That his death is with me everyday, that I was the one was had to turn of the ventilator because my mother was too destroyed to do it. You wanna hear the sound he made to before he took that last breath. Oh cause I can still hear it, exactly how it sounded. Does that make you happy? Are you glad that my life isn't perfect ?
Peyton: [shocked] Lindsey, I-
Lindsey: I used to admire the Peyton from the book, she seemed so noble, kind. I wish you were here Peyton, that version of you. What happened to her?

Peyton: Oh, you didn't know?
Brooke: Peyton...
Peyton: Oh, is she gonna cry?
Lindsey: Stop it.
Peyton: Go ahead let's cry little rich girl.
Lindsey: I said Stop It!

Peyton: [singing] Her name is Lindsey, Man-faced Lindsey. And her fiancee proposed to me first, with the very same ring!
Lindsey: You're lying!

[singing] My name's Peyton. Fake blonde Peyton. I don't have a boyfriend. 'Cause I'm a bitch!


Take a look at this picture. What do you see? There's a high school basketball game tonight somewhere in America and there's a great story there. But sometimes to find it, you have to look away, into the shadows on the fringe of the obvious. Can you see it? Look closer.


Brooke: I'm not gonna tell you how to be with Lindsey, but most of your life I've known you to take the high road.
Peyton: I know, Brooke. I just, I'm so sick of looking at her and her precious ring.
Brooke: Don't you mean YOUR precious ring?

Peyton: We all wanna get the hell out of here, okay? Don't yell at me.
Haley: Calm down. God.
Brooke: Just no mushroom.
Peyton: There,it's ordered. Are we all happy now?
Brooke: What did we get?
Peyton: No mushroom, Brooke. Okay? No mush, no room, no mushroom!

Haley: What's going on? What are you talking about?
Peyton: Brooke's gonna call Owen, her new bartender crush to get us out.
Brooke: I am not. It's too soon.
Haley: Brooke, we're gonna miss the game.
Brooke: I don't wanna call him. It violates all the rules of dating. And yet, I'm gonna look like a desperate. He has to do us a favor and then he can make fun of me for it.
Haley: Oh my god.
Brooke: Fine. I will call him. But if he does not sleep with me after this, it is your fault. All of you.

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