Haley: I can't do this.
Nathan: Yes, you can like this. Alright, square your shoulders to the basket. Bring the ball up right past your nose like this, okay? Bend your knees a little, just relax your hips, and just shoot. Okay, that wasn't perfect, but it also wasn't embarrassing. It was actually kind of sexy.

Nathan: You realize I've seen you in that crochete thing you wear, right?
Haley: Come on, this is embarrassing. I want you to think I'm not embarrassing.
Nathan: You don't embarrass me, Haley.
Haley: Oh, yeah, ok.
Nathan: Ok, I take that back.

Nathan: Was that your jump shot? Because if that was your jump shot, I can't date you anymore. My mom said you would be here, something about a grade?
Haley: Yeah, you cannot be here right now.
Nathan: Why not?
Haley: Because I look stupid.

Peyton: Even if we could be together, what makes you think it would work?
Lucas: 'Cause I feel it in my heart, don't you?
Peyton: Yes, so what are we going to do?

Peyton: That's where we're at right now. It's not fair to her to make a big deal out of what happened. It didn't mean anything. I'm sorry.
Lucas: Peyton....(kisses her) See, it does mean something.
Peyton: It can't.
Lucas: But it does.
Peyton: Lucas, you're dating Brooke.
Lucas: I know, and she's great, okay, but she's not you. Look, ever since you came to my room and told me how you felt about me, I've been hiding with Brooke. Okay, I've been trying not to get hurt again. I don't wanna hide anymore.

Lucas: Hey, Peyton.
Peyton: Oh, hey, Brooke had to take off early, so she's expecting you to call her.
Lucas: Okay, you gotta a sec?
Peyton: Umm, yeah, what's up?
Lucas: I lied, okay? I can't bury what happened between us.
Peyton: Lucas, Brooke is my best friend and she's your girlfriend.

Lucas: Peyton, so how's everything with your dad?
Peyton: Good, thanks.
Lucas: Yeah, and uhh, how about us?
Peyton: That moment where we kissed right? I've been feeling guilty about it all weekend.
Lucas: Me, too.
Peyton: Listen, let's just bury it and pretend it never happened. Okay?
Lucas: Sure.

People that are meant to be together always find their ways in the end.

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