You're still young. We both are. I think we just forget that sometimes.


Nathan: Do you believe this? Do you realize how ridiculous this is? The guy shot his brother at point blank range and now he has a hit TV show. He's rolling out some rigged up lie detector machine and I have to sit 3,000 miles away and just take it.
Haley: Screw him. I mean it. Let's not even watch the rest of the show. It's a nice day. It's a nice life.
Nathan: How can you be so strong?

Dude, having you around is so much better than having a puppy!


Falling in love is the easiest thing you're ever gonna do. It's the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing.


They say that truth is the best indication against slander. So what's the truth? Is she lying? Or am I about to become a grandfather again?


Believe nothing. Just because a wise man said it, or you read it in a book...words of divine order, or because your mother told you... it doesn't make it true. Believe only what you yourself can test and judge to be true.


Renee: I'm nervous.
Dan: Don't be, just speak from the heart and don't forget to smile.

You know the first memory I have is sitting in my father's lap holding a basketball. I spent my entire life trying to get me to the NBA, now he's gonna take it away.


We all want to be be happy. So why aren't we? Because we've become experts at sabotaging our own happiness. Feeling like victims, when in fact it's the choices we make, the bad habits, the vices, the inability to show love and compassion. These are the things that tear us down. We're not victims. We're assassins when it comes to love and happiness.

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