Peyton: Brooke.
Brooke: No. The next time you want to steal my boyfriend, you might wanna turn that thing off. (points to computer) I went into his room to check on him, and his computer was on. I know you two were together. He meant everything to me, Peyton. And I was ready to try to be his friend if that's what he needed. Now I don't really care if I see either one of you again.

Brooke: Hey.
Peyton: You're out late.
Brooke: Lucky thing you finding Lucas like that. If you hadn't come along, who knows what might have happened.
Peyton: Everything turned out okay.
Brooke: No, not really. I don't know what hurts worse: you and Lucas sneaking around behind my back or you lying about it to my face.

Nathan: You know, I don't know how I deal with all this crap with my parents if you weren't around.
Haley: You're welcome.
Natha: I'm serious. It's like the worse things get with my parents, the better things get with you.
Haley: Are things really awful with your parents?
Nathan: It's a war zone and I'm stuck with whoever's got the best lawyer.
Haley: Aww, you should know your rights.
Nathan: It's not like I have any.
Haley: No, you do. Let's find out. Knowledge is power.

Nathan: Do you sing?
Haley: I, um, sing when no one is around.
Nathan: Well, I think you should sing for me sometime.

Nathan: Wait a minute, is this a new outfit?
Haley: He noticed. Yes it is. It's all about the new me. Do you like?
Nathan: Yeah, but what's wrong with the old you?
Haley: Nothing. I just thought I'd branch out and try some new things.
Nathan: This could be good. Like what?
Haley: I don't know. There's a lot I wanna try that I never did.
Nathan: Like fooling around with me?

Luke: When you didn't come to the hospital, I began to worry that maybe you changed your mind.
Peyton: No, it was just too weird with Brooke there. I started to tell her about us the night of your accident and then Haley called and everything changed....
Luke: I figured. That's why I ended things with Brooke today.
Peyton: You did? Did you tell her why?
Luke: No, I told her I needed to focus on getting well.
Peyton: We need to tell her the rest.

Luke: Peyton.
Peyton: I was so afraid you weren't going to wake up.
Luke: What? And miss out on being with you?

Luke: I'm going to need some time to figure some stuff out.
Brooke: Whatever you need, I'm here for you.
Luke: Yeah, see, that's the thing.
Brooke: Are you breaking up with me?
Luke: I just think it's the best thing for right now.
Brooke: Maybe for you.
Luke: Brooke, I'm sorry.
Brooke: Apparently not enough.

Brooke: Hey, I want you to know that I'm here for you and whatever you need and if she's not home, I might actually give you a sponge bath.
Luke: Actually, I can't do that for awhile.
Brooke: What, bathe?
Luke: No, you know, sex.
Brooke: Wow, that sucks. A little cardio maybe just what ya need.

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