Jimmy Edwards: You're Abby Brown. What's my name?
Abby: Jim?
Jimmy: My full name.
Abby: I don't know!
Haley: Jimmy Edwards. You're Jimmy Edwards and you're a good guy. Holding 7 kids hostage in a school? That's not you Jimmy.

Peyton: You're always saving me.
Lucas: Somebody has got to.
Peyton: If I say I Love You right now will you hold it against me because I've lost a lot of blood. Come here.

Luke, it was your friend. The one from the time capsule. He had the gun. But he didn't look evil, or angry- he just looked scared.


Everyday that I have to come to this school, is another day I don't have to come back.

Jimmy Edwards

Everybody can't be popular, because if they were, nobody would be popular.


Mouth: I've got to find my friend.
Rachel: Why?
Mouth: Because he's my friend.
Rachel: You know Mouth, that guy is either gonna stand on his own two feet or he's gonna fall, but he has to do it on his own. That's the scary truth, Mouth. We're all alone.
Mouth: Not if we have friends.

Brooke: Ahem.
Peyton: Hey, Brooke
Brooke: Don't 'hey, Brooke' me. What is up with you and Hottie McHottie?
Peyton: Who? McWhat?
Brooke: Don't even try it. Please, the Fall Out Boy? I can spot him hitting - on - you from a mile away, and you were definitely returning fire.
Peyton: We talked for like 10 seconds.
Brooke: So you move fast. You should ask him to check you for lumps.
Peyton: Okay, not funny.
Brooke: What? he's a musician. He's got to have good hands.

Nathan: Do you ever think we can have a function in this town that doesn't end up in a brawl?
Lucas: Why? Getting a little too 'Outsiders' for you?
Nathan: I never saw it.
Lucas: Well, you would have been one of the bad guys.

Nathan: Listen, about the time capsule.
Haley: Ah, you looked beautiful.

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