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Bennett: Daya, I would go to jail.
Daya: Well at least we would be even.

What is the oldest trick in the book? Poop? In a bag? On fire?!


Piper: Why don't you get me an iPhone so I can take pictures and play Candy Crush. I told you before, I'm not risking my freedom for your f*cking byline.
Andrew: Piper, this woman is a criminal.
Piper: Yeah? So am I.

Congratulations. You've officially ruined a man's life.


Morello: Ahh! I think I did the left side too much. The arch is too high?
Nicky: Yeah, it looks like you're really skeptical about everything, but I think the leery look is hot.

Doesn't everyone lie to everyone?


You can't walk home without your shoes. They're nice shoes.
Piper. They're from Marshall's. F*ck you.


Alex: What kind of a lesbian are you?
Piper: The boob-touching kind.

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