Nico: I honestly can't tell. Are you just a silly naive girl or just a master liar?
Kate: Both. I'm both. But I am also yours.

Kate, I mislead you, I withheld from you, but I haven't lied to you.


Laura: Oh. My. God. You're in love!
Kate: I'm in over my head is what I am. My boyfriend is a Yugoslavian communist.
Laura: He's a communist?

Colette: Oh, Kate's taking off her clothes to entertain the men.
Ted: Why would she do that?
Colette: She's feeling patriotic.

The Super: Kick him out.
Laura: Excuse me?
The Super: You're not on the lease, and I don't like your guest. Kick him out or I kick you out. And no more parties. Understand?

Kate: Nico, please. Go with them. They want to help you.
Nico: Who are you? Who are you?!

I'm in the navy Mam, rum is the remedy for everything.


Laura: Well, Dean does seem awfully fond of you.
Colette: Not that fond.

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