Mr. Ortiz: Who is a paying passenger here?
Maggie: If you promise to go mute, I will see about getting you a refund.

Angry Passenger: Why is she being given a seat?
Maggie: Because she was the only Haitian passenger that was brave enough to show up?

You landed here to save a life, and there is still a possibility of that. She's standing right there.


How did Hemingway describe fear, Mr. Ortiz? Was it grace under pressure? Oh no. I'm sorry. That's how he described courage. So, while she takes care of the me with the guns, why don't you sit down and I'll make you a nice cup of tea.


Flamingos bite. They do. I mean, they're very pretty, and..and..and pink. But when they bite, they break the flesh.


She's waiting for Mr. Right. She's very patient.


Nico: I honestly can't tell. Are you just a silly naive girl or just a master liar?
Kate: Both. I'm both. But I am also yours.

Kate, I mislead you, I withheld from you, but I haven't lied to you.


Laura: Oh. My. God. You're in love!
Kate: I'm in over my head is what I am. My boyfriend is a Yugoslavian communist.
Laura: He's a communist?

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