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You're not horrible, that's what I came to say. You're incredible. Good night.


Jasmine: I want to have another baby. Maybe I'm, I don't know, maybe I'm just emotional, and just attached to this one. I don't know.
Crosby: I wanna have another baby, too.
Jasmine: Really?
Crosby: Yeah, like pretty bad.

I'm happy to meet ya. I'm not happy, because, well, I'm never gonna be happy and I've accepted that. But, I'm almost happy.


Honey, there's a file on my computer, that I made for the kids. I want to make sure the kids have it. Can you make sure of that?


What are they doing. Spit it out. That's an idiom. That means you have to tell me.


Crosby: Are you ready to get your Paul Bunyan on?
Jabar: Yeah! Wait. Who's Paul Bunyan?

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