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You seem like the kind of plus one who wouldn't drink a bunch of Cosmos and then hurl in the shower.


Do it honey. This is your chance to go negative.


You are young. This is your one opportunity. Do you understand what I'm saying? Sleep around, have some experiences, you know, get good at your craft. Cause when it ends, it's gonna end permanently, ya hear me? The breaks don't just fade in, they lock up.


Drew, you're so sweet. But sweet just starts to get boring.


You know, I've been at work all day at my dream job that I worked really hard to get defending you and, you know, we're losing money because of what you did to Zach. He's so messed up he can't even play.


Yeah, it's official. You're a slumlord now.


I just got off the phone with Bob Little and I conceded the election.


Heather. Ya know Kristina, get some booze. It will calm your nerves. It will calm your nerves. You're gonna need it either way.

How could you do that to me? How could you do that to me? I would never have walked into your office with Leon Dengraff and treated him that way. I never wold have done that to him. I never would have done that to him. I never would have treated him that way and I never would have treat you that way. That could have cost me my job Julia.


Ryan: When you guys are done cuddling, we can go.
Amber: Hey, hey. It's not like that.
Ryan: You ready? She's fine. You can take your hands off of her.

Joel: Julia, I am working right now, and I will see you whenever I get home.
Julia: Well, I'll see you whenever that is.

You know you could have voted absentee ding-dong and not come all the way out here.

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You came.

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Hi grandpa, I have pubic hair.


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