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Ron: Tammy is a mean person.
Leslie: Come on, Ron. You can do better than that.
Ron: She's a grade-A bitch.
Leslie: There we go.

"Do you know where you are right now? We're in the jungle. They're no friends here. It's every woman for herself."


"Are you sick? Are you terminal? Is it like that movie A Walk to Remember?"


I like the rain and the fish markets.


Baby, don't you see what's happening here? She's manipulating you because she's jealous of me and the things I get to do to your body and face.


I'm boreddddd. Let's go have sex in a tree. He'll be back in 8 minutes.

Mona Lisa

"I want to spend the rest of my life, every minute, with you. And I'm the luckiest man in the galaxy."


Leslie: I want it to be a perfect park with state-of-the-art swing set and basketball courts and off to the side a lovely sitting area for kids with asthma to watch other kids play.
Tammy: Wow. If I had a park like that when I was growing up I probably wouldn't have gone through such a prolonged mall slut phase.
Leslie: Well, that's... that's the goal, Tammy.

Yeah, just joined the rat race. Just chasing the cheese. Racing the rats. Trying to get the cheese. Enough technical business talk, you look ravishing.

Andy [to Ann]
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