We have two people seeing the exact same things in completely separate regressions, and they even had the same recognition of the music in the auditory cortex.


Price: In each lifetime Jenny winds up dead.
Kate: You're right. In the regressions Jenny feels like the victim and Brian like the attacker. He follows her, he seeks her out.
Price: Is there such a thing as a soul stalker?

Price: How are you at stopping destiny?
Kate: What?
Price: You were right patterns, only Jenny and Brian they weren't victims they were criminals. Kate, both of them died in police standoffs.

Price: Are you going in that?
Kate: My dress? Why what's wrong with it?
Price: Nothing...

Kate: It's open.
Price: Your not in Texas anymore dufus, you should lock the door.

You have to accept that the great Kate can't always fix everything.

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