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The police only see what they choose to look for. The Machine sees almost everything.


Theresa: Where are you going?
Reese: I'm going to pay a man a visit.

Finch: Nice room.
Reese: I took the liberty of booking the whole floor. Your card.
Finch: Guess I can use the miles.

Reese: And here I was thinking we were getting a little closer, Harold.
Finch: I told you I'm a very private person.
Reese: You're going to need to trust somebody at some point.

Fusco: Hey, you don't talk to people who just walk into the joint.
Reese: Lionel, you worried about me? I'm touched.

So, we're looking for a ghost?


Mr. Reese? We'll meet on my schedule, not yours.


I would call the police and a good divorce lawyer.

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