Person of Interest

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Person of interest
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I don't want to control your machine. I just want to set it free.


I know you've got your rules, but I guess they don't account for everybody being dead. No one answering your phone calls. No one saving everyone. No contingency.


We're just an accident. We're just bad code. But the thing you built is perfect.


John: See, I don't have many friends, just the one in fact.
Fusco: Hey!
John: Okay, maybe two.

Fusco: John? You're on a first name basis?
Carter: What do you call him?
Fusco: The bane of my existence.

I'm thinking about charging you overtime.


I can't believe it. I'm the contingency. I'm the backup.


Sure, John, come on over. Make yourself at home.


For a billionaire genius, you're lousy company.

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