Reese: Do you know why you were ordered to kill him?
Spy: Never asked.

There's no one to tell. No one is safe.


Ok, you want a soda or something?


Any system can be compromised given enough time. We need an off switch, a back door, and this is our last chance to build one.


Mr. Reese is everything all right? I'll take that as a "No."


It's time I know how the machine communicates with you.


Finch: Are you following this?
Reese: Financial analyst. Riveting.

There are things you can do detective and things you can't. And that's where I come in.


Leave the laptop now, Harold, and get out.


Finch: What will you do Mr. Reese?
Reese: Show him what a real monster looks like.

My name's John and I help people out of tough situations.


Finch: If I were to speculate from your labored breathing.
Fusco: I lost her.
Finch: That would be it.

Person of Interest Season 1 Quotes

Fusco: Shouldn't we call for backup?
Carter: You are my backup.

Knowledge is not my problem. Doing something with that knowledge is where you come in. You can call me Mr. Finch.