Serkan: Perhaps then, uh, you would agree to dinner with me?
Elaine: You would use the lives of three Americans to leverage me into going out with you?
Serkan: You would sacrifice their lives to not go out with me?
Elaine: Fine.

I'm sick to death of the bullshit and the egos and the men. I am sick of the men. ... I could puke for days. I'm running for president.


I don't know what to say, Gary, I guess this bitch is just good at her job.


Bud: What's the Bitch of the Beltway doing here?
Elaine: Finishing her feature on me. I told her she could cover this trip on background.
Bud: She won a Pulitzer for hating our guts.
Elaine: Turns out she doesn't hate us, just you.

Doug: Put on your seat belt.
TJ: Okay.

You're on my list. Famous guys I can cheat with, you're my number two.

TJ's fling
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