It always seems to lead back to Radley, doesn’t it?


Sara: I read the text you got from Aria.
Emily: What text?
Sara: I saw her to a couple of times.

Her handwriting is so sloppy it's like doing Mad Libs in reverse.


Byron: I don't wanna leave.
Ella: I don't want you to stay.

I smell dead people.


Caleb: It was easy.
Hanna: Well, I'm not.

Spencer (on CeCe): You're not just going to find her folding peasant skirts at the Diva Dish right now.
Hanna: Well then I'll search every hipster boutique until I find her.

Aria: You laugh in your sleep?
Ezra: Yup.
Aria: That's cute.

Toby: I love you so much.
Spencer: I wanted to say that first.

Aria: Don't even bring up that singing canary.
Spencer: Parrot.
Aria: Whatever.

So he's finally chosen some flowers, which are hideous and tacky and mostly carnations, but there's not really much selection around here, so...

Spencer (on Garrett)

You can handle it, Aria. We all can.


Pretty Little Liars Quotes

I missed my dolls.


I am now officially done eating. Forever.