Melissa is a Hastings, we bounce back like super balls.


Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on bitches.

You're not safe Spencer and your friends aren't either. It's not over.


That "Girl Interrupted" thing could just be an act to keep her out of jail.


It's no coincidence that he turned dark after the masquerade ball.

Hanna [about Lucas]

Okay I know it was my idea to wait, but right now I'm just completely forgetting why.

Spencer [to Toby]

I wanna know what I did to make you hate me so much!

Hanna [to Mona]

You're still safe Aria. There's no more A.


If I never see another shovel again it'll be too soon.


Emily: You got an internship at Vera Wang?
Hanna: Yeah but I changed my mind, it turns out they want you to work for free.

Congratulations hon, you're back on the team! If I had a pom pom, i'd shake it.


Come on, we're team Sparia.


Pretty Little Liars Quotes

You either love someone or you don't.


People who are meant to be together take a break and find their way back to their first love.