A dress! Seriously. Is it some type of formal thingy or are you just worried that my jeans are too butch?


Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool my best friend? You're dead meat.


He doesn't need an invitation - he broke into a vending machine with a spork.


That was then. You are very much now.


I'm making sure you don't host a pity party for yourself and invite a cheese cake.


Shut up or I'll shut you up.

The more you struggle, the faster you sink, and you're sinking pretty quickly.


He stuck his hands in her panty drawer.


They're the police. They can make two plus two equal five.


We swim on the same team.

Emily to Sean [on Paige]

Am I supposed to go buy a Michael Jackson album?

Spencer [on "Bad" clue]

I still don't understand, but I love you. You're my child and no one hurts my child.

Emily's mother

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

People who are meant to be together take a break and find their way back to their first love.

It's over, bitch!