Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty little liars
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Congratulations hon, you're back on the team! If I had a pom pom, i'd shake it.


Come on, we're team Sparia.


Aria: Hanna, do you mind? It's kind of sacred ground.
Emily, Spencer, and Hanna: It is?!?

Guys, I don't trust Melissa as far as I can throw her and Ian's fetus.


Hide and seek was my favorite game with Melissa. You want to know why? I always won.


I don't know about you guys, but A talking about body bags makes me very nervous.


I think that Ali is holding all of our brains hostage and
we won't be able to sleep until we find out what really happened to her.


What's next? Hiding in Melissa's closet? Rubbing her belly until the baby confesses?


We don't need to get all freaked out over a newsflash from Casper the friendly host.


Hanna: What's in the bag?
Mona: Shower gel. I need to scrub off ten layers of shame.

If only we could harness Mona's sense of entitlement. We could light the eastern seaboard.


I can't go around without a phone. That's like going around without a brain or shoes.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Quotes

We all get it wrong sometimes.


Are you legs always that short?

Mona [to Aria]