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I pick up the phone. I sound like the guy that's got the stuff. No matter what the stuff is I sound like that guy compared to you.


You can ride with the sheriff I need the car.


What are you, a giraffe?


Luis: How vague?
Jane: A guy walking out of a room vague?

Do you ever arrest someone up here or do you just write parking tickets?


Nice. Hope you're going for creepy because that's all you got.


Luis: I've been to pretty much every veterinarian clinic this side of Manhattan, and I discovered one thing.
Jane: What?
Luis: I don't like animals.

What's your point there, sarcasmo?


And just between you and me, you really had us over a barrel there for a second.


No, I didn't forget, I just like it here.


Reg: Here's a thought: maybe the killer is a nut job.

Is that a tomato? Who can get a tomato in the middle of November?

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Prime Suspect Quotes

Caleb: I would kill him with this.
Jane: I would help you.

You want it to be as scary as it can be.