We're junkies together. That makes us BFF's in my book.


Are you getting pre-wedding jitters? Are you going to choke up at the altar? I will drive the getaway car. No questions asked.


I took having kids for granted because a 13-year-old girl can do it, because a 75-year-old man can do it. You know who can't do it? ...An overeducated, talented, strong, powerful woman in her 40s. How ridiculous is that? How mad am I at my body? I waited too long, and now it's time. And the clock inside me, Sam, just isn't ticking anymore. The alarm inside of me is going off. It's screaming it's time. I can't wait - not anymore.


Cooper: Sure then, Charlie.
Charlotte: You call me that again...you will be hobbling down that aisle.

How many chances do we get at love, right?


The problem is not going to fix itself if it's bothering you this much.


Charlotte: It's just back then you were the right choice - the perfect guy. My parents loved you. My friends loved you. I loved you. And now knowing that I fell in love with a man who could never love me back, not what I needed. I never thought of myself as woman who makes bad choices.
Billy: Is that what this is about? You feel like an idiot? You couldn't have known. Hell, I didn't know, but, this time don't you think you got it right?

Sam: When you're in love with someone, Addison, when you're in a real relationship, you don't do that.
Addison: Our relationship is real. Sam, I love you.
Sam: Then, why'd you give me an ultimatum?
Addison: We discussed it.
Sam: We did not discuss. You said we either have a baby or end it. That is not a discussion.

Sometimes wanting a baby it's like nothing else matters, but you have to think about what you two have been through and that you could die.

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