You have to talk to me eventually, you might need my bone marrow one day

Sage [to Rose]

I do know that part of being a good boyfriend is listening... and big presents never hurt either


Will: I'm sorry I told you to ditch your family. The woman I fell in love with could never give up on anybody
Megan: did you just..?
Will: That's right, I love you Megan Smith. Deal with that
Megan: I love you too

Megan: Good morning ladies!
Sage: Okay that "first thing in the morning chipper voice" you do has to stop

Megan: You can't not try because you're afraid your gonna fail... that'd be like not wanting to go on a date because your afraid all guys will cheat on you... that'd be like not writing because your afraid your not gonna get published anyways
Rose: Are we talking about Sex and the City now? Because I loved that movie..

Marco: Why don't you write her a Dear John letter while your at it
Charlie: What are you talking about?
Marco: Don't be coy with me Chuckles

it's like watching Mary Poppins on crystal meth


Hey lady, i can see your va-jay-jay!

Random kid

I know who you are and p.s. I puke outfits cuter than that one


Are you deaf AND fat? I just said she was dating someone


Photographer: we were supposed to get a signature from their mother.
Sage: Grandmother... our mother's dead. Feeling stupid yet?

You're Rose Baker. You're hot! Come on, the guy had bacne last year, he should be kissing the ground you walk on!

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Privileged Quotes

Boss [about Megan's hair]: It's just so bright
Megan: Everyone loves Lucille Ball but no one does anything about it.
Boss: This isn't about the hair, though it is really distracting...

Hey lady, i can see your va-jay-jay!

Random kid