You think you can lecture me on being a good sister? I'd jump in front of a bus to save rose from being hurt. You'd throw lily under a bus for fun.


Sage: I so would have rocked my mug shot...
Marco: I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities

Megan: Aren't you coming with me?
Marco: Oh yes, I just love unnecessary encounters with law enforcement officers... you're on your own sledge sister..

Laurel: It's nice to see you on top of things...
Megan: I like to be on top.... of things... in work situations

it's like watching Mary Poppins on crystal meth


Charlie: Everything will be okay..
Rose: how do you know?
Charlie: I don't. Giving high school girls advice is not my forte..I rock at bowling I don't even need the bumper things

Are you deaf AND fat? I just said she was dating someone


Megan: I can't believe sage would invite [Lily] to this
Charlie: Really? I can and I don't even know that her well

You're Rose Baker. You're hot! Come on, the guy had bacne last year, he should be kissing the ground you walk on!

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